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The DVSA is changing the way CBT is ran. Now is the best time to get in and learn before these changes have to be implimented.

The Art of Motorcycling is a professional, approved training body (ATB awarded by the DSA) and is based in the centre of the North East of England

Our instructors have many years of experience riding motorcycles both on and off-road and all are DSA approved.

Our instructors are also thoroughly trained in the art of giving instruction. This is as important as riding ability if students are to learn properly whilst appreciating the experience of the lessons.

So we pride ourselves on being a professional, yet friendly school with lots of patience and understanding. We aim to put people at ease.

We also have a good sense of humour.... which helps!

The training can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual. We do have some fairly pre-defined courses as per our price list, but can also provide individual one to one or small group courses.

We cater for everything from the absolute novice who may never even have been on a pedal cycle to those with substantial experience who may be simply be upgrading to a larger motorcycle or returning to a bike after a few years of using other transport.

     Alan Rycroft

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Karl Pijnen

"Alan and Rob can I just say thank you for your amazing training, I hope I never have to do another U turn again but you got me sorted and I'm out on my BMW GS every day, Cheers again!"

Lianne Slater

"Really enjoyed my time with these guys and breezed through the tests. Will recommend to anyone"

Paul Black

"Did my Direct Access bike test with ART a few yrs ago great bunch and since then i have taken my bike in for its MOT every year, due in Nov so see you soon"

Our Team



With over 25 years of bike riding and training my firm is the perfect company to learn with.


Office Admin

I don't ride a bike but my passion is getting you on the bike of your dreams!


Trainer and Mechanic

I have been working on bikes and riding them for years.

"Riding a race bike is an art - a thing that you do because you feel something inside."

Valentino Rossi

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